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Hi, my name is Ian O'Byrne and I'm an educator and researcher. I routinely blog at

Each week I spend hours of my life reading and reviewing social media feeds, blogs, and websites trying to understand trends in literacy, technology, and education. As I'm diving into the digital dumpsters of the Internet looking for clues, I tweet and share this information out online. 

To make this insight more accessible for family and friends, I created the TL;DR newsletter. TL;DR stands for "Too Long; Didn't Read." The TL;DR newsletter is a quirky, free, informative newsletter loosely focused on literacy, education, and technology. 

If you subscribe to the TL;DR Newsletter below, you'll set forth an incredible chain of events. 

This begins with trained interns carefully checking your credentials to make sure you're not a robot, and ends with the newsletter being
 (electronically) hand-delivered to your email inbox at the end of each week.

For more info, please click here...or subscribe below. Click here if you're interested in reviewing the archives of the newsletter. 

Thanks in advance,
-Ian  :)

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